How to get your website indexed by Google fast
google index search

If you want to index your website by Google in a short time then you may follow this article.

Most of the website owner has one question in their mind that “How to index a website fast by Google?”. Usually, Google bot take some time to find the new website to index. However, you can submit your website to Google so that Google can find it faster.

google index search

Follow below steps for faster Google index:

-> Submit your website URL to Google webmasters tools;
-> Create sitemap using and add it in Google webmasters tools
-> Submit your website on various social bookmarking websites like Twitter, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon,,,, yahoo buzz etc
-> Blog post with your website link;
-> Forum post and discussion by placing your website link;
-> Place a link in various Q&A portal like – Quora, Yahoo Answer.

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